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Manage your Finances with Comhar Linn INTO Credit Union

I joined Comhar Linn INTO Credit Union about 15 years ago and I have not regretted it for one minute. It’s something I always recommend to teachers if they are not already members. Some people say, “Oh, sure I don’t need to, I’m already in the Credit Union”, but there are many advantages to Comhar Linn that local Credit Unions don’t have, especially the smaller ones. Even if you join Comhar Linn, you can still keep your account in your local CU and continue to support it.

The main features that I use in Comhar Linn are the Budget Account and Personal Loans. The loans are pretty self-explanatory but I’ll go into more detail on the specific benefits later on. I’ll start with the life-saving Budget Account. Honestly, it saved my life.

Budget Account

Juggling your finances can be tricky. Even the more organised of us can face unexpected for forgotten-about bills. What I used to find difficult to manage were the bills that were yearly, such as Car Tax and TV licence, or bi-monthly such as electricity or gas. I never knew how much money I really had and I lived in fear of defaulting on my direct debits. So how does the Budget Account help?
"Spread the cost of bills evenly over the year and remove the burden of having a large expenditure in a particular month."
You choose which bills you want to pay from your Budget Account. The total cost of your bills is then spread out evenly over the course of the year and deducted from your salary each fortnight. Bills are paid directly from the Budget Account and you never have to worry about missing a payment again.

What’s the catch?

There is none! Comhar Linn charge a nominal fee of less than €20 per YEAR. It does take a little bit of time to get it set up and running, but once it’s done, it runs very smoothly without any input needed from you. The staff in the Budget section are incredibly helpful, too. I’ve had my Budget Account for over 10 years now and the most I have to do is review it once a year to see if the payments for any of my bills need to be increased or decreased.

Click here to find out more.

Personal Loans

I use Comhar Linn loans for holidays. I can choose the exact amount I need, how long I want to repay it and how much I want my repayments to be. They have a great loan calculator on the website here, which lets you know how much your repayments will be when you choose a loan amount and term.

The beauty of these loans for me is that the repayments are deducted directly from my salary. I don’t even have to think about it. When the loan is fully repaid, you can stop the deductions, take out another loan, or continue the deductions but have them deposited in your shares (savings) instead. Find out more about their personal loans and competitive interest rates here.

Another great facility that is provided by Comhar Linn if you are struggling with your finances is their Consolidation Loan. Consolidate all your loans into one, and repay with one deduction straight from your salary. By doing this, you can have a lower interest rate and repayments, and you could save your credit score from being damaged. You can borrow up to €40k and repay it over 5 years. The team at Comhar Linn always make loan applications so easy and stress-free. You can find out more about their consolidation loans here.

Current Account

Comhar Linn also have a great new Current Account, with lots of benefits such as a globally accepted debit card, easy-to-use online banking and low fees. You can even apply online. Check it out here.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Comhar Linn or any of its services. If you’re not a member already, then why not? You can join online here.

This is not a paid post.