Children's Picture books about History

Treasa Bowe, AKA Between the Covers of a Good Book, have compiled a list of  suggested picturebooks to assist with teaching History. 

Civil Rights and North America

· Henry’s Freedom Box, Ellen Levine & Kadir Nelson

· Barack Obama, Son of Promise, Child of Hope, Nikki Grimes & Bryan Collier

· Martin’s Big Words, Doreen Rappaport & Bryan Collier

· Before she was Harriett, Lesa Cline-Ransome & James E. Ransome

World War II - Different sides of the story

· Benno and the Night of the Broken Glass, Meg Wiviott

· A Tree in the Courtyard, Jeff Gottesfeld & Peter McCarty

· Martin & Anne, Nancy Churnin & Yevgenia Nayberg

· So Far from the Sea, Eve Bunting

· Baseball Saved us, by Ken Mochizuki & Dom Lee

· A Scarf for Keiko, Ann Malaspina & Mer­rilee Liddiard

· Mercedes and the chocolate pilot, Margot Theis Raven & Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen

Boxes for Katje, Candace Fleming& Stacey Dressen-McQueen

You can find links to purchase some of the books here.

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